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About Me

Ms. Ayana

Welcome Parents! 

Are you looking for a tutor with experience to work one on one with your child? You have come to the right place! We focus on reading, math and test prep for children Pre-K-8th grade. I understand the need for one on one learning. It is time for our youth to win and succeed in academics.

My Expertise

After teaching in the public school for 7+ years, I know there are students who are not getting the help they need. I have a Master's in Early childhood and a passion to make sure our youth are successful in their academics.

We specialize in reading, math, STEAM, social skills, executive functioning, animation and for children K-8th grade.(including gifted & special needs) 

Personalized Lessons

We provide tutoring lessons one-on-one face to face and/or in a group/homeschool. We teach locally (Atlanta area) & online. We enjoy differentiating each session to the unique abilities of the student. 

We take pride in working with the latest technology with our students. 

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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for you, and I will start on a plan to help you get what you need. online tutoring tutoring services

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